Just part of the patterns.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Are you getting excited about getting your DVD set? If you haven't ordered yours, it is still not too late. You have until May 30, 2006 to get in on this great offer. You will receive both DVD's for the price of one, just $49.95. You will also receive a limited edition pattern to make a 14 inch doll much like my 24 inch doll. You will also be entered to win a 24 inch custom doll made just for you.

This is my beautiful niece Angie; she was behind the scenes filming the DVD. She has been a wonderful influence in my life and always my friend. She is taking the Dinky Baby business to North Carolina. She will be sharing her skills and knowledge and even teaching how to make Dinky Babies. I am so proud of her and will miss her deeply. She will do great!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Some special dolls are coming soon. Here is a sneak peak at just two on my creations. I used to make these two long ago. This is my Dinky Ballerina and Mop Clown. The Ballerina is perfect for the girls who take dance; she will be available in two sizes the one shown (24 inches) and a smaller version. She stands on toe and looks just like she is ready to dance away. The Mop Clown is a favorite of little boys. He will be available in three sizes, from 8 inch to 24 inch. He is so colorful and such a cute doll, I just had to bring him back after all these years.
These patterns will be available in June.

The making of my DVDs was an experience I will not long forget. For two days, hot lights, close-ups and retakes we finally have all the filming completed. This is Les Bradley of Morr Film and Video taking some final shots. Everything had to be just right, from the set up to the lighting.