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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Distributor & A Demonstrator Join Dinky Baby
Please welcome as the Newest Distributor to Dinky Baby, Janet Sheehan of Australia. Janet has a sewing machine retail store on the Bold Coast of Queensland, Australia. She says her customers are very interested in soft doll making and that Dinky Baby was a a good fit for her retail business. For more information on her store please email Janet at
We have another new Demonstrator form Kansas, please welcome Sieglinde Marx to the Dinky Baby family. Sieglinde says before she retired she enjoyed working with people. She loves working with her hands and has made porcelain dolls and taught decorative painting. She also says she has not outgrown playing with dolls. Just to let you all know, neither have I. To welcome her just send an email to
Welcome to the Dinky Baby Family.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dinky Babies On Tv in Jamaica

with Lisa Davis

Just follow this link to see this great story about Lisa Davis and Dinky Babies.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

A cute baby for Valentines Day by Pat Jones

Welcome Phyllis Valdez

Phyllis lives in the desert city of Las Cruces, CA with her husband of 32 years Richard.

Almost 30 years ago she began making cloth dolls and then switched to reproduction porcelain dolls. She says that the market for reproduction dolls is almost non existent now and that is when she became aware of the 'revolution" that was taking place in the area of cloth doll design.

Two things happened says Phyllis, she began to feel the urge to make cloth dolls again and seco9nd she came across the Dinky Baby web site. After she finished ooohinbg and awwwing, she made contact.

Phyllis is looking forward to becoming Dinky Baby Certified.

Welcome abourad Phyllis.