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Friday, August 17, 2007

Forward this to a friend.......

If you have already purchased your "Paloma" pattern, you can now get any pattern for FREE. Forward this e- mail to a friend and when hey purchase Paloma and tell me your name, you will get any pattern of your choice for FREE. Do you have more then one friend? Each friend that mentions your name when they purchase "Paloma" entitles you to FREE pattern, this is unlimited. Are you game?

If you have not pre-ordered your "Paloma" pattern, do it today. You only have a few days left to have your name added to the gift card. I will be presenting the "Paloma" doll to the real Paloma on Aug. 26 along with a cash gift card. You can have your name added with all the others who have purchased a Paloma pattern. To order Paloma, email and type in Paloma offer. This pattern is just $11 plus $1 for shipping.