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Friday, April 29, 2011

Crackerjack the Movie Filming in Savannah, GA

Here is an update on the movie the Dinky Babies are in. It is into the second week of filming and things are progressing along acording to producer Tonya Watt. The Dinky Babies have all arrived including the little 8 inch one above.

From what Tonya tells me he is going to be quite the "little star" and will be appearing throughout the movie including the last scenes filmed in Mexico. "Stay safe little guy!"

Tonya will be taking pictures as the movie progrsses and I will pass them on as I receive them.

Here is a link to a local news story from WSAV Savannah

Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Dinky Babies Headed to Savannah

So Many of you have donated time and talent to help make enough dolls for the movie Crackerjack. It is so much appreciated. The donated dolls, after they are finished with their movie debut, will be given to a local charity so that they can be enjoyed by someone special. My thanks to each and everyone one of you who took time out to help with this project.

The last shipment of dolls left today. I am so anxious to find out how things are going. As soon as I have some news I will share it with you all.

I made 10 of the 24 inch dolls for display in the movie. Wow, it was difficult to get them all done in time. We made the deadlines and now the rest is up to the Dinky Babies and how they perform.

Keep watching for details. Those of you who donated a Dinky Baby will be receiving your special certificate soon concerning your donation to Crackerjack.

This donated doll was made by Marcy Peterson

Sewing up bodies

Bodies ready to be stuffed

10 Dinky Babies made by Vicki

Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Donated Dolls for Crackerjack

I want to thank all those wonderful ladies who have donated a Dinky Baby for the movie Crackerjack. They began shooting earlier this week and will continue until the end of May, then the editing begins.

Donated by Margaret Williams

Donated by Glenda Tudor
Donated by Berndette Witschey

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Next Group Headed to Savannah

Patti Brinnon & her donated doll

Doll made by Lisa Greenshields

Doll donated by Joyce Benjamin

Doll donated by Rachelle Grant

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dinky Babies Shipped to Savanna

My granddaughter Keegan sitting on the box of dolls ready to be shipped. Doll donated by Wanda Fortenberry
Doll donated by Susan Minkus
Doll donated by Elizabeth Lucio

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dinky Baby Doll Class

Dinky Baby Doll Class

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dinky Baby Doll Class
I am ready for the first doll class to show up. We are going to learn how to make Dinky Babies and have a great time doing it. I will have more photos to post with all the students and their dolls. In this class we will learn sculpting and proper stuffing to make your baby turn out just right.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Wes Murphy Lead in Crackerjack the Movie

This movie is sure to be an inspiration to all. From all the updates and questions I have asked, I am excited to be a part of such a venture.

I have some of the greatest customers in the world. I am providing 35 dolls in the toddler size to be displayed in the movie, but I needed 10 more that will be destroyed. I asked my amazing customers if they would like to make and donate a doll that could be destroyed. The response was overwhelming.

This is truly a joint venture between my customers and myself in proving all the dolls needed for the movie.

To just let you know what I know; there is a point in the movie that CJ gets very upset and starts hitting the dolls with a baseball bat out in his yard. He wakes the next day to the carnage of all they dolls he beat up the night before.

Wes Murphy was in the Boys of Summerville.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Movie Update

Here are some more facts about the upcoming movie Crackerjack.

The lead actor is played by Wes Murphy who is called CJ. He ends up on a church softball team. The softball team goes to the "projects" to provide ministry to the children of single mothers. You will see the team members telling the children Bible stories and playing games with the children, making marshmallow blow guns and etc.

This is a family focused film centering on fatherhood and family values. For more on the movie please visit the Crackerjack website. More details tomorrow.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Dinky Baby to be in Movie Production

I have been contacted to see if my dolls could be used in a movie that is being filed in the next few weeks. The name of the movie is Crackerjack and it involves a man who collects things, one of which is Dinky Babies. How cool is that?

As I frantically try to get the dolls needed for the movie, I am still pinching myself happy that they choose Dinky Baby as the dolls to be collected. Working with the producers has been an exciting experience and one I will not soon forget.

As more information comes my way, I will be doing daily updates on what is happening. Take a look at the Crackerjack website for more details on the movie.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My Visit with Bird Brain Designs

I had the pleasure of visiting with a fellow designer, Robin Kinsley. She is the designer of Bird Brains many designs. I visited with Robin and her sister Tina, they were great hosts as they showed me where they lived.

I took loads of photos of Tina's house, her chicken coop and the geese that walk around her large yard. It was so pleasant and relaxing, I understand why she lives in this beautiful area. Unfortunately I cannot show you the photos because my camera was destroyed along with the memory card.

Robin's home overlooks Clear Lake and the view is breath taking. Imagine watching the sun come up over a body of water as you drink your coffee. As I went out on her huge deck, I looked down at more delights. I saw foot paths will all sorts of foliage and fun things catching my gaze. Her home is decorated with loads of beautiful antiques and it clearly shows her beautiful personality.

My nose went right to the work area and her studio. I wanted to see how they did things at Bird Brain Designs. So organized and neat, I collected a lot of ideas for my own studio.

I was given a tour around the lake and saw wild turkeys, dear and a few other wild animals. Beautiful country dotted with vineyards, orchards and small towns.



Next time you visit a show where they are, be sure you stop in their booth and take a look at all the fun stitching things they carry. Or better yet visit their website and sign up to get their emails.