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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Small World!
Someone emailed me and said my dolls reminded them of a doll they got as a small child in Bishop Hill IL. The doll was signed "Vicki". I emailed her back and asked if the doll had a red embroidered heart on it's bottom? I also asked if the doll was purchased at the Antique Affair in Bishop Hill, IL.

This was her reply:

Oh my God, YES! I grew up in Bishop Hill and that is where I got my doll!!! You came and autographed her for me one day at the store. Funny how I can't remember a thing from high school geometry, but at 41 I can still remember that.

My doll has moved around the country with me, from Illinois, to Texas, to Arizona and now Ohio. I have looked for you on line for years, not knowing how to find you. I have always wanted a sibling for my doll. She is my favorite childhood memory and I have had many, many dolls but
none meant as much as this doll.

I am so excited to have found you at last.

God bless,
The photos below are of Michelle's doll Beverly!
This is "Beverly"
Michelle's childhood favorite

Signed and dated by Vicki (that is Me!)