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Saturday, September 30, 2006

I just had to show you two dolls of my own. I am talking about real live dolls. This is my granddaughter Liz ready for her first high school dance. I think her mother (my daughter Ann) was a little more nervous. We had a ball today, doing girly things, getting hair done, nails and all that fun stuff. It takes all day getting ready! Oh, how I remember the ole days gone by! It is hard to tell these two apart.

Hey Vicky,

It's Sarka from Australia. Im only made one dolly from your Lil Beth pattern but kept her as a baby cause she kinda looked like your babies so I wanted to send you a picture and say Thank You. I used fleece here too.


Another country heard from, look who is making dolls in Australia. Great job Sarka. I love seeing all your babies. Vicki

Hi Vicki!
Well I'm finally done! Meet Bridget! She's quite a poser...I had sooo much fun making her. I still have alot to learn but I'm having a great time ... She would love to be on your blog Dimples and all! Let me know what you think of her and please let Julie know my first Dinky Kid is done. Thanks Vicki for this great pattern! I have another one almost done, so will see how it turns out...Cathy ; }
P.S. I can't say enough how helpful your DVD's are....I have them on whenever I'm making a doll.. I Play/Pause every step of the way! ; }


You have done a fantastic job on this doll. I am so proud to see my pattern completed to such perfection. Words cannot discribe how wonderful Bridget is. I feel like a proud grandmother!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

One more picture of this cute guy! Are you green yet? Isn't he just the cutest thing? Vicki

More DinkyBabies from YOU!!!!!!!

Here are Julies creations, she is on track, great job. Look at her little green guy, does he make you green with envy?


Hi Vicki-
I know you like getting pics of dolls we have all made so thought I would send pics of these two. The red head is the Lil' Beth pattern. The moss green boy is the 24 in kid. He will have a twin. Why I chose green you ask??? LOL. It is fleece and I got a remnant to see what they would turn out like with this fabric. Just an experiment...LOL. I need to work on the sculpted noses!! :)
Julie Oaks