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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ask Vicki
Why do I need to add more stuffing to the head, and how do I do it? Joyce-

This is one of the most important steps in Dinky Baby doll making and one that is often forgotten or eliminated. This step will give your doll a better appearance and help it to hold it's shape after lots of play or washings. Here is how you do it.This is what your head should look like after sculpting, kind of wrinkled and unfinished.

Run a gathering stitch around the neck opening as in the above photo. This will help hold the additional stuffing you will be adding. I use a 2 1/2 inch sculpting needle and four strands of thread to do this step. Do not pull it tight but just enough to help hold the stuffing in place.

Begin adding more stuffing to the head, pushing it in as you go, keep adding until the head is very firm to the touch. Insert your finger into the cheek areas, add more stuffing filling out the cheeks fully and firmly. Keep adding stuffing to the cheeks. If you can fit your finger in between the fabric and the cheek you can add more stuffing. Cheeks should be full and firm. Now add a small amount to the chin area as in the photo below and your stuffing is complete. Does your Dinky Baby head look like the picture above? A firm fully stuffed head will keep your doll looking great after lots of play and washings. This IS the most important part of your doll, so take the time to stuff the head fully. Fully stuffed head with nose added

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ask Vicki...

What are the essential supplies needed to start making Dinky Babies?


This is a great question and a very important one. The most important thing if you are making a Dinky Baby is the fabric. The patterns were designed to be used with craft velour (only found on the website or any doll supply website). You will not find this fabric in any fabric store.

The other items that will make your experience in Dinky Baby doll making a success are light weight interfacing - used for tracing the pattern. You can use the traced pattern over and over again and will last for years. This also preserves the paper pattern (many of which are printed on both sides).

A set of sculpting needles is essential-the 5 1/8 inch needles are the perfect size for sculpting the face and the body, the 2 1/2 inch needles are great for the fingers and toes and even for sewing on the yarn hair. Embroidery needles are something you probably have on hand, but are also needed to embroider the eyes.

The thread I personally use is called Dual Duty and the color I use is natural (unless you are making an ethnic Dinky Baby). This thread can be found in any fabric store and maybe even at Wal-Mart.

The stuffing is an important part of making a Dinky Baby. The body arms and legs can be stuffed with poly fil or anything similar. The head, since it is the most important part of the doll, should be firmly stuffed. I like using a denser type of stuffing for the head, anything with bamboo in it will work, two other great ones to use are Mountain Mist(c) or Morning Glory(c). These stay put and do not shift and provide a firm feel so the head will hold it's shape.

Just use inexpensive embroidery floss for the eyes and mouth. Silk is not good.

Those are the essentials other then the normal things you already have on hand such as scissors, sewing machine and the usual sewing supplies.

If you have the above items and a Dinky Baby pattern and the other items called for on that pattern you should have all you need to make a Dinky Baby. Good luck and keep making those Dinky Babies.


Friday, July 08, 2011

The Dinky Traveler in the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

Hi from the sunny Gold Coast, Queensland Australia! It's funny, everyone here calls me "Dinky Di", that is an Australian nick name for a true Australian mate (friend).

Today Janet took me for a ride up to Mt. Tamborine just behind the Fabulous Gold Coast. We had a look at the rain forest and Janet took this photo of me with the city of Surfers Paradise and the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean in the background.

I am getting my things packed up now so that I can get on with the next part of my journey...I am having such fun!

Bye for now the Dinky Traveler International

Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Dinky Traveler in Australia

Looks like a fun time was had in Australia with Michelle. This Dinky Traveler is getting into the spirit and fun.

New friends are made

A visit to the location for the movie Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader was a lot of fun

Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Dinky Traveler in Surprise, AZ
It looks like spending time by the pool in her swimming suit was the best idea of this trip. Looks like this Dinky Traveler had a great time with Cheryl. Working in the garden can be an inspiration with all the beautiful colors of flowers, a perfect place to day dream.

Working or day dreaming?

Time spent with a great friend