Just part of the patterns.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I will never get any work done now and its all your fault. I received the dinky baby Christmas pattern yesterday. I am making them for small gifts for some friends and package toppers for my family, I do have a small shop but may not have any extra for it. one problem was my niece collects angels and doesn't go much for Santa's. Last night as I was putting together a white doll I put a little piece of long fur for hair and I had some metal wings that have a hook to hang and a halo attached. I tied that to her and added a gold star to her hand. She now hangs above my sewing machine until I put her on my nieces package. thought you might like to hear of another variation to your so sweet dolls. I love them and can't wait to make some more tonight
Barb sent me this idea and I wanted to share it with all of you. Sounds like she is getting into making babies!

Squirt went to Nascar with his Uncle Coyt. He had a great time and was cheering for his favorite driver Dale E. Jr. Squirt gets around!

See what Lee is doing!
Hi Vicki,

Please find attached a picture of Macy. She was started yesterday evening and completed tonight. She was made from your 24 inch kid pattern and I am very pleased with the finished doll. I have never made a doll so this is my first one and its going to my niece for a Christmas present. Maybe I can be an inspiration to other men to have a go and make a Dinky Baby for their loved ones.

All the best Lee - Warrington, United Kingdom.

Yes ladies, Lee is a man. This should be a great encouragement, anyone can make a DinkyBaby. Lee, you did a fantastic job. How lucky your niece is to have a wonderful uncle like you.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Hi Vicki,
Phew...I am barely ready for my bazaar tomarrow, but I wanted to share some of my babies that will hopefully get adopted and have new mommies.
Feel free to share on your Blog. I am so excited and nervous at the same time.
Jennifer House
Richland, WA

You have been one busy lady. You are doing great and your babies are beautiful.

This is a story you want to read. I have no idea what you are all doing out there, but this is a dandy.

Dear Vicky;
For several years, my parents’ RV Group have had a pair of adult cloth dolls that are passed among the members annually. The members who have the dolls traveling with them keep a journal in the doll’s voice about their adventures. It seems that last year on a trip to Alaska, ‘Monica & Bill’
got frisky and ended up pregnant! The pregnant couple with baby due in October, was passed to my Mom’s good friends Jane & Don. Jane & Don were having a challenging time finding a ‘baby’, when they shared their delema with Mom. We’re ‘crafty’ folks and were sure we could find or create a pattern. We searched the Internet and were delighted to come across your pattern for the Itty Bitty Dinky Doll through a cloth doll website. We had great fun creating the tiny baby that was to be born on Halloween. (My mom knit the baby hat out of embroidery floss!) When Jane & Don saw ‘Punkin’, they were thrilled. They sent baby announcements to all their RV pals – Dinky Dolls creating smiles!
We just wanted to say thank you for sharing your ideas & talents. I’m making Dinky Dinky Dolls for my 1-year-old grandbabies and just ordered a ‘Tommers’ pattern to make for my nephew. We’ve shared a lot of giggles already! I’m attaching pictures of ‘Punkin’, my mom Donna & me with the traveling family, and Monica & her new one. So Cute!
With Joy,

Keep them coming, I love to know what you are all doing out there.


Friday, October 20, 2006

Hi Vicki-
here is my newest baby from the Baby Belle pattern. Oh... and Speck arrived today in Indiana. He must have jumped in the mailbox when you weren't looking :)
Thank You!!!
Julie Oaks

Thank you for sending these adorable pictures. Julie, your babies are beautiful.

I have to tell you what a fun experience it was to be on TV. I brought my sister with me just for moral support. It was fun waiting and watching. I set my dolls up and waited to be interviewed. This was LIVE. As the host came in, I asked him what do you know about dolls? He said he would “wing it”. This is a picture of my sister, Bobbi and I infront of the 3 T.V. sign.

”. The cameraman came in and boom, we on live. It was so easy and fun. I made a doll for the host, Olivia and a black Speck doll for the weatherman, Brad. My Speck doll was on the T.V. with Brad Perry the weatherman. What a "Ham" Speck can be. My segment went from my interview into the weather. What fun. They want me back in December. Yippy!

Hi Vicki,
Well here is Kimmy, Bridgets BIG sis....I got to tell ya I had a hard time choosing hair played it safe ....I'm starting to figure out how to change the can't wait to try my next one! Thanks again sooo much for this 3 more in the works! Cathy ; }

I am so impressed with Cathy. Aren’t her dolls the cutest you have ever seen? I would love to see the dolls that you have made. Please email me with pictures.

Hi Vicki!
Well I have made my first lil' Speck...It was so much fun! To be honest I thought I could not do it...because it was such tiny work..but I was totally surprised how easy it was. Kinda nice too cause you can take lil' Speck anywhere while working on him...Can't wait to make more! Thanks for this wonderful pattern! Oh my lil' speck would love to be on your blog.....Cathy ; }

You did a great job. I do appreciate seeing all your great work.


Saturday, September 30, 2006

I just had to show you two dolls of my own. I am talking about real live dolls. This is my granddaughter Liz ready for her first high school dance. I think her mother (my daughter Ann) was a little more nervous. We had a ball today, doing girly things, getting hair done, nails and all that fun stuff. It takes all day getting ready! Oh, how I remember the ole days gone by! It is hard to tell these two apart.

Hey Vicky,

It's Sarka from Australia. Im only made one dolly from your Lil Beth pattern but kept her as a baby cause she kinda looked like your babies so I wanted to send you a picture and say Thank You. I used fleece here too.


Another country heard from, look who is making dolls in Australia. Great job Sarka. I love seeing all your babies. Vicki

Hi Vicki!
Well I'm finally done! Meet Bridget! She's quite a poser...I had sooo much fun making her. I still have alot to learn but I'm having a great time ... She would love to be on your blog Dimples and all! Let me know what you think of her and please let Julie know my first Dinky Kid is done. Thanks Vicki for this great pattern! I have another one almost done, so will see how it turns out...Cathy ; }
P.S. I can't say enough how helpful your DVD's are....I have them on whenever I'm making a doll.. I Play/Pause every step of the way! ; }


You have done a fantastic job on this doll. I am so proud to see my pattern completed to such perfection. Words cannot discribe how wonderful Bridget is. I feel like a proud grandmother!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

One more picture of this cute guy! Are you green yet? Isn't he just the cutest thing? Vicki

More DinkyBabies from YOU!!!!!!!

Here are Julies creations, she is on track, great job. Look at her little green guy, does he make you green with envy?


Hi Vicki-
I know you like getting pics of dolls we have all made so thought I would send pics of these two. The red head is the Lil' Beth pattern. The moss green boy is the 24 in kid. He will have a twin. Why I chose green you ask??? LOL. It is fleece and I got a remnant to see what they would turn out like with this fabric. Just an experiment...LOL. I need to work on the sculpted noses!! :)
Julie Oaks

Monday, August 21, 2006

One of my very favorite doll making friends sent me some pictures of her real dolls and of her DinkyBaby dolls.

This is what she had to say,

"Just thought I would send some pics of my first two Dinky Babies. Thank you for the wonderful patterns. It has given me an outlet while my husband is deployed. And my children love them too.


Michelle's husband has been depoloyed to Iraq. She has 3 children. 2 Girls and 1Boy.

Alexandria is 11, Johnathan is 6, and Jasmine is 3. See the picture of the them.

We had a great time in Costa Mesa, CA at Piecemakers. The weather was beautiful and the people were wonderful. My sister and I drove from Arizona to California on Friday morning. We had a some great sister time and while she shopped at the Peddlers Market, I talked with potential DinkyBaby students.

I will be going back to Piecemakers in Oct. to teach a beginner class and then again in Nov. to teach how to make Lil Beth. I look forward to taking a trip to California quite often.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I had a great time on Saturday, baby shower for my new grandnephew. I created my Meekee Babee pattern just for the occasion. I love this pattern and how it turned out, the mother to be also loved the doll I made. It is the one pictured. I wanted him to look like a bear.

I just love getting pictured of doll that you have made. Here is another cute one made by my friend Dorothy from the UK. I believe she used the 14 inch newborn pattern for this doll. She added a little curl and made it her own. Great job Dorothy.

Dear Vicky just thought you would like to see one of the babies that I have made; I added a little curl to the top.
Love Dorothy United Kingdom

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I just got this adorable picture from my friend Cathy in CA. Didn't she do a great job on this MopHead pattern? For more information on this pattern and more visit my webiste at

Here is my little Mophead Doll "Emiko" named after my Daughter in Law. You can see in the picture my son Jonathan and Emiko at there wedding. What a fun doll that was to make. Can't wait to make more!..I'm gonna be a busy doll maker!!
Cathy ; } CA

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Newest Distributors
Looks like the Carolinas are in the DinkyBaby business. The two newest distributor are from North Carolina, Angie Paturzo (on the left) and from South Carolina we have Lynne S. Lee (on the right). These ladies have placed and received their first orders and are getting ready for the holiday season that will be fast approaching. This is a great time to start a home based business like this. If you would like information on how you can start a business just send me an email at I know both of these women are going to have a great time and be successful.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I just received a wonderful idea from one of my fantastic doll maker friends. Read below.

I just to say that the dvd is wonderful! I don't know if it will help anyone but you do say to hold the thread on the top when doing the fingers and toes but if you put a pin in the top of each one as you do it, it cant slip off I hope this makes sense best wishes
Dorothy of the U.K.

This is such a great idea and I thank her for it. Dorothy, you will receive my next new pattern for FREE just for sharing. It will be my little 8 inch DinkyClown named Preston, after my one and only grandson.

Do you have an idea , email me and lets share.

Julie Oaks wonderful doll made from the Lil Beth pattern. Isn't he just the cutest?

Monday, June 12, 2006

So excited the reviews are coming in for the first DVD and they are all great. Take a look. Thanks to all who preordered and believed in me.

Hi Vicki!
I just received my 1st DVD and I have to say its by far the best instructional DVD I've ever watched... Exceptional Quality! Clear Instructions at a pace someone new to soft sculpture can follow. Your personality lends well to teaching...I felt like I was right there learning from you. Even though I have already made quite a few Dinkys I learned so many new tips and techniques I will definitely be using...your truly a Unique Soft Sculpture Artist..Thank You for sharing your talent with all us doll lovers! Can't wait for DVD #2 and whatever else you have in the works!!! Take Care! Your Friend Cathy ; )
P.S. Your Daughter is Beautiful, a BIG Thanks to her too for being your inspiration. ; }

I received the video today, I couldn't wait to watch it. It is fabulous!!!! It is the next best thing to taking a class in person.
Thank You,

PS I can't wait to see the next one!


I think you are an amazing doll designer, and I'm SO looking forward to receiving my 2 cd set soon. I think your sites are awesome, and you have such a nice selection of patterns, and clothes for the dolls, that how couldn't you be successful, is my question?! I think the talent just SHINES! I took a look at your little clown dude...VERY CUTE! I'm sure I'll be adding him to my patterns selection very soon. Take care and keep up the success!!!

Hugs and best wishes,


Here is my daughter Hannah with her Belle, Dinky Baby
Hannah and her Baby Belle doll. She couldn't wait for me to get her finished!! Can't wait to get your DVDs'. Thanks so much for the fun kit!!!

I just had to pass this on, this is what it is all about.


Monday, May 22, 2006

Are you getting excited about getting your DVD set? If you haven't ordered yours, it is still not too late. You have until May 30, 2006 to get in on this great offer. You will receive both DVD's for the price of one, just $49.95. You will also receive a limited edition pattern to make a 14 inch doll much like my 24 inch doll. You will also be entered to win a 24 inch custom doll made just for you.

This is my beautiful niece Angie; she was behind the scenes filming the DVD. She has been a wonderful influence in my life and always my friend. She is taking the Dinky Baby business to North Carolina. She will be sharing her skills and knowledge and even teaching how to make Dinky Babies. I am so proud of her and will miss her deeply. She will do great!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Some special dolls are coming soon. Here is a sneak peak at just two on my creations. I used to make these two long ago. This is my Dinky Ballerina and Mop Clown. The Ballerina is perfect for the girls who take dance; she will be available in two sizes the one shown (24 inches) and a smaller version. She stands on toe and looks just like she is ready to dance away. The Mop Clown is a favorite of little boys. He will be available in three sizes, from 8 inch to 24 inch. He is so colorful and such a cute doll, I just had to bring him back after all these years.
These patterns will be available in June.

The making of my DVDs was an experience I will not long forget. For two days, hot lights, close-ups and retakes we finally have all the filming completed. This is Les Bradley of Morr Film and Video taking some final shots. Everything had to be just right, from the set up to the lighting.