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Friday, October 20, 2006

I have to tell you what a fun experience it was to be on TV. I brought my sister with me just for moral support. It was fun waiting and watching. I set my dolls up and waited to be interviewed. This was LIVE. As the host came in, I asked him what do you know about dolls? He said he would “wing it”. This is a picture of my sister, Bobbi and I infront of the 3 T.V. sign.

”. The cameraman came in and boom, we on live. It was so easy and fun. I made a doll for the host, Olivia and a black Speck doll for the weatherman, Brad. My Speck doll was on the T.V. with Brad Perry the weatherman. What a "Ham" Speck can be. My segment went from my interview into the weather. What fun. They want me back in December. Yippy!

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