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Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's Fast Approaching!
The Original Creative Festival
Tucson Convention Center
April 17, 18, 19, 2008
I will be at this show, if you are near come and say hello!!!!!!!

For more information -
775-856-3224 / Fax 775-856-3531 / 800-472-6476

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Give me your Million Dollar opinion of my logo.

Here is my logo as seen on the Big Idea. Let me know what you think.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lynne S. Lee-Dinky Baby Distributor

I have worked in customer service and administrative fields for over 30 years and while I have loved doing this type work, I have always had a yearning to make dolls. During the early 90’s I made and sold dolls after I was laid off and this was such fun and I truly enjoyed it. With 3 boys at the time and a need for more income I gave up that venture and went back to doing admin work. In the past few years as the Web has become more popular and accessible I have become obsessed with dolls again and when I first saw a DinkyBaby on another site I was hooked. I can’t look at any one of them without smiling and I have one on a chest at the foot of my bed and he makes my happy every time I see his little bald head. I have a web site that I have been working on for quite some time and I sell patterns for DinkyBabies and hope to become certified soon. I love all things Baby!!! Now I have 4 boys and they are almost all grown up and the Babies are something I do for me and I truly enjoy them!
Please visit her website at and her blog site (found on her website). If you would like to e-mail Lynn her e-mail address is
(Every month around this time a Dinky Baby Distributor or Demonstrator will be featured)
Button Basket Contest 1st. Place Winner- Chrissy Lowry
and the second place prize goes to Victoria Graves. Great Job everyone and thanks for participating.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Button Basket Contest Entry
by Lena Thiel

I have used the fleece and floss from the kit, some doll body and fur fabrics. I had very fun doing it. I like to win this competition so I can be an inspiration to other what the can do with a pattern, some cloth, fantasy and a happy mood. Lena Thiel-Sweden

Monday, March 03, 2008

Button Basket Contest Entry
by Victoria Graves
Not having money to spend, I used gingham and the kit’s fleece to appliqué musical notes and hearts on the basket. Because the baskets are to house the Mel-O-Dee Babies, I feel these decorations reflect the spirit of the dolls. That’s why I feel you should vote for my basket. Victoria Graves-CA

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Button Basket Contest Entry
by Sherry Harrison
This basket was made with coffee and cinnamon stained fleece, handstitching “my button baby” on the front, and trimming with a piece of old lace from Granny’s sewing stash. A Button Baby face and matching lace collar is attached to the front. I thought this primitive style basket would look neat holding a Button Baby wearing an old fashioned Betsy-Ross style bonnet and antiqued off-white minky chenille (I’m still working on that baby). Sherry Harrison-NV
Button Basket Contest Entry
by Chrissy Lowry
I used the white fleece from the kit for the basket. I chose the bunny that was with the kit I added pink ribbon for the eye and white fleece for the tail and I used the yellow on the ear of the bunny. I tied the flap on the basket with pink ribbon. I am a mother of four that loves to craft. by Chrissy Lowry -IN
Button Basket Contest Entry
by Jackie Corace
My basket is trimmed in lace and pink bows all around. The cute babies have embroidered faces adorned with coordinating floss bows and pastel flowers. They represent the precious children in my life and I love them all dearly! by Jackie Corace-PA
Button Basket Contest Entry
I used woolfabric, then cut out flowers and used gold thread and seedbeads to stich on the flowers. I used some knots on the knitting yarn and another yarn as leaves.
The bag was punched together without any thread.That worked very well.
I made a cord first as the bow, I punched a bow of the white fabric with some tread inside that allowed me to wrinkel it . by FRØYDIS HAUGE-Norway