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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Give me your Million Dollar opinion of my logo.

Here is my logo as seen on the Big Idea. Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

I think your logo looks great!

Grandma's Babies said...

Hello Vicki
I watched the program last night and I total disagree with what Donny said I think he was very short with his answer. The logo is what caught my eye before I became a Distributor with DinkyBaby, I was impressed by the design and creativity. I think you have a winner.
Bluffton SC

Anonymous said...

Vicki: I saw the Big Idea as well. I disagree with Donny. Your logo is adorable and very eye catching. I personally think it makes people want to look closer at your product and what you are selling. I wouldn't change a thing!

Anonymous said...

I love you logo I disagree with Donny it cought my eye when I saw it for the first time have to check back every day for new item. You should not chage it.

Suzanne said...

Oh my god! I think I missed something terribly important! What happened? Who said what about your logo? Personally, I LOVE the logo! I love your tag line. I love Dinky Baby. It's fun, the colors say it all, the depiction says everything, and quite frankly, what the hell does a man have to do with a company that is aimed toward women?

Vicki, your logo is FANTASTIC! Right now I wouldn't change a damn thing. Maybe when you get on QVC and Oprah you may want to consider enhancing your little darlings, but even then why?

Kick ass, my friend!

Angie said...


Not only do you have a million dollar logo, but you have a million dollar product and you're a priceless aunt!

Kathy said...

I think it looks fantastic!