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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lynne S. Lee-Dinky Baby Distributor

I have worked in customer service and administrative fields for over 30 years and while I have loved doing this type work, I have always had a yearning to make dolls. During the early 90’s I made and sold dolls after I was laid off and this was such fun and I truly enjoyed it. With 3 boys at the time and a need for more income I gave up that venture and went back to doing admin work. In the past few years as the Web has become more popular and accessible I have become obsessed with dolls again and when I first saw a DinkyBaby on another site I was hooked. I can’t look at any one of them without smiling and I have one on a chest at the foot of my bed and he makes my happy every time I see his little bald head. I have a web site that I have been working on for quite some time and I sell patterns for DinkyBabies and hope to become certified soon. I love all things Baby!!! Now I have 4 boys and they are almost all grown up and the Babies are something I do for me and I truly enjoy them!
Please visit her website at and her blog site (found on her website). If you would like to e-mail Lynn her e-mail address is
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