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Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Trip with Liz

It has been quite a summer! Trips with my grandchildren and the pain of losing my father-in-law will make this a summer I will never forget. My grandson, Preston went to a show with me as documented in a post from 5/19.09, so to be fair it was my granddaughters turn. I had two shows close together and she wanted to do both. The first show was in Denver and the second in Long Beach, CA.

Later this month I will be going back to South Dakota to help my husband pack up his fathers house. Please enjoy the pictures below.

The Rocky Mountains were beautiful.

Liz hanging the patterns.

My booth in Denver.

Liz enjoying eating out.

Danny G. (as a girl monkey) holding a baby.

Me & Liz together, trip was priceless!

Liz at the entrance to the Long Beach Quilt Festival

Liz pricing patterns

Open for business

Enjoying the Long Beach weather

This boat had my name on it?

Liz with Elvis in Hollywood.

Liz with Mickey Mouse in Hollywood.

Clint Eastwood's hand & foot prints in front of Grauman's Chinese Theature

Liz comparing her foot size to Tom Cruise

Liz with Brittney Spears Star in Hollywood

I love Shirley Temple. Hand & footprint in front of Grauman's Chinese Theature

Liz in Dinseyland

The fun was just beginning!

Most favorite character was Tinkerbell

" Where should I go next."

All good things must come to an end.

The End!