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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Penny Goodroad-Doll with glass eyes
Maureen Eley (England) Dinky Babies
Dear Vicky, I have now got around to sending you my efforts at making your Dinky
Babies I still need a bit more Practice but am quite pleased with the
results.I run a Art group and a Craft group in England making Church Banners
so it made a change to do something different
Thank you
Maureen Eley
This Dinky Baby is for her granddaughter's birthday
Dinky Babies
Dinky Baby with great granddaugher Charlie

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dinky Baby Class 2012
Getting ready for the class of 18, required more than one place to work. I set up three different areas for my students.
One work area
Two work areas
Three work areas
Cookies anyone? This is my daughter Ann, the reason for Dinky Baby.

Dinky Baby Class 2012
This years class hosted 18 students, who all make a 14 inch Dinky Baby. The ladies were a great group and found out how easy it is to make a Dinky Baby.