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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Friday, March 08, 2013

"Yarn Top"

Easy to add yarn top knot for any doll

I was asked recently about how to add a top knot of yarn hair to a dolls head, much like the Cabbage Patch dolls had. I came up with this simple tutorial that shows you how to do this. You can add a top knot to any cloth doll any size, just follow the simple steps below.
Turn any doll into a "Yarn Top"
Step 1.  You will need a bald doll, yarn of any kind (4 ply will stand up better), I use a CD for wrapping, scissors, 2 1/2 inch needle and matching thread.

Tools needed
Step 2. Wrap the yarn around the CD several times to get the desired amount of yarn needed.

Wrap the yarn
Step 3. Cut the yarn and tie in the center with a couple strands of yarn.

Cut and tie the yarn
Step 4. Place the yarn on the top of the dolls head for sewing.

Yarn on top of the dolls head
Step 5. Thread the 2 1/2 inch sculpting needle with matching thread. Sew the yarn to the top of the head with several stitches. Make sure it is securely sewn. Sew through the center of the tied yarn a few times to secure.

Sew the yarn to the dolls head
Step 6. Finger comb the yarn away from the dolls face.

Yarn finger combed
Step 7. Cut the yarn, cut a little look at it and if needed cut more. The shorter you cut it the more it will stand up. 

Cut the yarn
Your dolls hair should look something like this when you are done. Visit the Dinky Baby website if you want to order the pattern to make this doll. This is pattern number 003, the 14 inch Dinky Baby.