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Friday, October 20, 2006

Hi Vicki-
here is my newest baby from the Baby Belle pattern. Oh... and Speck arrived today in Indiana. He must have jumped in the mailbox when you weren't looking :)
Thank You!!!
Julie Oaks

Thank you for sending these adorable pictures. Julie, your babies are beautiful.

I have to tell you what a fun experience it was to be on TV. I brought my sister with me just for moral support. It was fun waiting and watching. I set my dolls up and waited to be interviewed. This was LIVE. As the host came in, I asked him what do you know about dolls? He said he would “wing it”. This is a picture of my sister, Bobbi and I infront of the 3 T.V. sign.

”. The cameraman came in and boom, we on live. It was so easy and fun. I made a doll for the host, Olivia and a black Speck doll for the weatherman, Brad. My Speck doll was on the T.V. with Brad Perry the weatherman. What a "Ham" Speck can be. My segment went from my interview into the weather. What fun. They want me back in December. Yippy!

Hi Vicki,
Well here is Kimmy, Bridgets BIG sis....I got to tell ya I had a hard time choosing hair played it safe ....I'm starting to figure out how to change the can't wait to try my next one! Thanks again sooo much for this 3 more in the works! Cathy ; }

I am so impressed with Cathy. Aren’t her dolls the cutest you have ever seen? I would love to see the dolls that you have made. Please email me with pictures.

Hi Vicki!
Well I have made my first lil' Speck...It was so much fun! To be honest I thought I could not do it...because it was such tiny work..but I was totally surprised how easy it was. Kinda nice too cause you can take lil' Speck anywhere while working on him...Can't wait to make more! Thanks for this wonderful pattern! Oh my lil' speck would love to be on your blog.....Cathy ; }

You did a great job. I do appreciate seeing all your great work.