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Saturday, November 11, 2006

I will never get any work done now and its all your fault. I received the dinky baby Christmas pattern yesterday. I am making them for small gifts for some friends and package toppers for my family, I do have a small shop but may not have any extra for it. one problem was my niece collects angels and doesn't go much for Santa's. Last night as I was putting together a white doll I put a little piece of long fur for hair and I had some metal wings that have a hook to hang and a halo attached. I tied that to her and added a gold star to her hand. She now hangs above my sewing machine until I put her on my nieces package. thought you might like to hear of another variation to your so sweet dolls. I love them and can't wait to make some more tonight
Barb sent me this idea and I wanted to share it with all of you. Sounds like she is getting into making babies!

Squirt went to Nascar with his Uncle Coyt. He had a great time and was cheering for his favorite driver Dale E. Jr. Squirt gets around!

See what Lee is doing!
Hi Vicki,

Please find attached a picture of Macy. She was started yesterday evening and completed tonight. She was made from your 24 inch kid pattern and I am very pleased with the finished doll. I have never made a doll so this is my first one and its going to my niece for a Christmas present. Maybe I can be an inspiration to other men to have a go and make a Dinky Baby for their loved ones.

All the best Lee - Warrington, United Kingdom.

Yes ladies, Lee is a man. This should be a great encouragement, anyone can make a DinkyBaby. Lee, you did a fantastic job. How lucky your niece is to have a wonderful uncle like you.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Hi Vicki,
Phew...I am barely ready for my bazaar tomarrow, but I wanted to share some of my babies that will hopefully get adopted and have new mommies.
Feel free to share on your Blog. I am so excited and nervous at the same time.
Jennifer House
Richland, WA

You have been one busy lady. You are doing great and your babies are beautiful.

This is a story you want to read. I have no idea what you are all doing out there, but this is a dandy.

Dear Vicky;
For several years, my parents’ RV Group have had a pair of adult cloth dolls that are passed among the members annually. The members who have the dolls traveling with them keep a journal in the doll’s voice about their adventures. It seems that last year on a trip to Alaska, ‘Monica & Bill’
got frisky and ended up pregnant! The pregnant couple with baby due in October, was passed to my Mom’s good friends Jane & Don. Jane & Don were having a challenging time finding a ‘baby’, when they shared their delema with Mom. We’re ‘crafty’ folks and were sure we could find or create a pattern. We searched the Internet and were delighted to come across your pattern for the Itty Bitty Dinky Doll through a cloth doll website. We had great fun creating the tiny baby that was to be born on Halloween. (My mom knit the baby hat out of embroidery floss!) When Jane & Don saw ‘Punkin’, they were thrilled. They sent baby announcements to all their RV pals – Dinky Dolls creating smiles!
We just wanted to say thank you for sharing your ideas & talents. I’m making Dinky Dinky Dolls for my 1-year-old grandbabies and just ordered a ‘Tommers’ pattern to make for my nephew. We’ve shared a lot of giggles already! I’m attaching pictures of ‘Punkin’, my mom Donna & me with the traveling family, and Monica & her new one. So Cute!
With Joy,

Keep them coming, I love to know what you are all doing out there.