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Friday, November 10, 2006

This is a story you want to read. I have no idea what you are all doing out there, but this is a dandy.

Dear Vicky;
For several years, my parents’ RV Group have had a pair of adult cloth dolls that are passed among the members annually. The members who have the dolls traveling with them keep a journal in the doll’s voice about their adventures. It seems that last year on a trip to Alaska, ‘Monica & Bill’
got frisky and ended up pregnant! The pregnant couple with baby due in October, was passed to my Mom’s good friends Jane & Don. Jane & Don were having a challenging time finding a ‘baby’, when they shared their delema with Mom. We’re ‘crafty’ folks and were sure we could find or create a pattern. We searched the Internet and were delighted to come across your pattern for the Itty Bitty Dinky Doll through a cloth doll website. We had great fun creating the tiny baby that was to be born on Halloween. (My mom knit the baby hat out of embroidery floss!) When Jane & Don saw ‘Punkin’, they were thrilled. They sent baby announcements to all their RV pals – Dinky Dolls creating smiles!
We just wanted to say thank you for sharing your ideas & talents. I’m making Dinky Dinky Dolls for my 1-year-old grandbabies and just ordered a ‘Tommers’ pattern to make for my nephew. We’ve shared a lot of giggles already! I’m attaching pictures of ‘Punkin’, my mom Donna & me with the traveling family, and Monica & her new one. So Cute!
With Joy,

Keep them coming, I love to know what you are all doing out there.



sandy said...

I loved this story!! Put me in mind of Flat Stanley from elementary school!! These tiny babies are awesome and everyone does great work!! Keep the stories and babies coming!! I can't see enough of the tiny babies!!! Sparkle, Speck, and Squirt are AWESOME!!! Thanks all!!!

sandy said...

What a neat story!! Kinda puts me in mind of Flat Stanley!!! Remember the little paper doll that schools would use as a family involvement project?? They would send Stanley to an out of town family member and they were to keep a journal and pictures of their week with him!! Really cute and neat to hear and see where all he had gone and done in a week!!! I LOVE these tiny babies!! And everyone does such great work!!