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Thursday, June 29, 2006

I just received a wonderful idea from one of my fantastic doll maker friends. Read below.

I just to say that the dvd is wonderful! I don't know if it will help anyone but you do say to hold the thread on the top when doing the fingers and toes but if you put a pin in the top of each one as you do it, it cant slip off I hope this makes sense best wishes
Dorothy of the U.K.

This is such a great idea and I thank her for it. Dorothy, you will receive my next new pattern for FREE just for sharing. It will be my little 8 inch DinkyClown named Preston, after my one and only grandson.

Do you have an idea , email me and lets share.

Julie Oaks wonderful doll made from the Lil Beth pattern. Isn't he just the cutest?

Monday, June 12, 2006

So excited the reviews are coming in for the first DVD and they are all great. Take a look. Thanks to all who preordered and believed in me.

Hi Vicki!
I just received my 1st DVD and I have to say its by far the best instructional DVD I've ever watched... Exceptional Quality! Clear Instructions at a pace someone new to soft sculpture can follow. Your personality lends well to teaching...I felt like I was right there learning from you. Even though I have already made quite a few Dinkys I learned so many new tips and techniques I will definitely be using...your truly a Unique Soft Sculpture Artist..Thank You for sharing your talent with all us doll lovers! Can't wait for DVD #2 and whatever else you have in the works!!! Take Care! Your Friend Cathy ; )
P.S. Your Daughter is Beautiful, a BIG Thanks to her too for being your inspiration. ; }

I received the video today, I couldn't wait to watch it. It is fabulous!!!! It is the next best thing to taking a class in person.
Thank You,

PS I can't wait to see the next one!


I think you are an amazing doll designer, and I'm SO looking forward to receiving my 2 cd set soon. I think your sites are awesome, and you have such a nice selection of patterns, and clothes for the dolls, that how couldn't you be successful, is my question?! I think the talent just SHINES! I took a look at your little clown dude...VERY CUTE! I'm sure I'll be adding him to my patterns selection very soon. Take care and keep up the success!!!

Hugs and best wishes,


Here is my daughter Hannah with her Belle, Dinky Baby
Hannah and her Baby Belle doll. She couldn't wait for me to get her finished!! Can't wait to get your DVDs'. Thanks so much for the fun kit!!!

I just had to pass this on, this is what it is all about.