Just part of the patterns.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

AMAZING!! I seriously ugre softie collectors to bring some of these kiddos home!

Absolutely ADORABLE!!!

You are very talented.I am extremely impressed! Thank you! She is so adorable!!

I love your comments, if you would like a picture of your doll posted here, let me know.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hi Vicki! I think it was harder taking a picture then making dinkys..My Granddaughters are so different in personalities, the older one Nyah is outgoing, really goofy loves the camera, see 2nd pic, and Reese is shy and does not like her picture taken (I had to give her a dollar) but she especially loves baby dolls. She never put her Dinky down the whole day! Anyway I did enjoy making them and hope to make many more, thanks so much for sharing your Dinky Baby Dolls with us!!!

Here is another goofy pic of Nyah..inside the house, at least you can see Reese's cute little face! And my other two Dinkys too. My Granddaughters just love their Dinkys, my Daughter just told me that today they insisted on taking them to the park. Isn't that cute! Now my 16 month old Grandson really wants one too, so he is next. Thanks again, Cathy ; }

This is one of my favorite customers. She was so kind to share these pictures with me. I have her permission to share them with you. She did such a great job. Her Granddaughters are so cute and you can see that they love their Dinky Babies.

I would love to see what you have done and share it with others. Please send me pictures of Dinky Babies you have made.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

The couple you see is my son Tom (who is getting married this week end) and Adrianne his soon to be bride.
My beautiful children, from left to right. My oldest son Jamie, who is married, my beautiful daughter Ann attached, my third son Tom getting married this week end in Sedona, AZ, and my baby boy, Chris, very much single.
They are my children and my inspiration.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Soft-sculpture "New Born Baby"
11 inches inches tall

This is a pattern for my New Born Baby; I have never before offered this doll as a pattern. This doll is a very popular size and now I am offering it to you..

This adorable little doll is one that you can dress as a real baby. A new born or preemie diaper fits it perfectly. A little hat, some booties a receiving blanket and your baby is ready to be loved. Instructions on how you can also turn a onsite into a cute little two piece outfit for this Baby.

Easy to follow instructions for making this doll, stuffing to soft-sculpture basics. Techniques that I use and have found to be successful. I take you all through the process and in the end you have made your own beautiful New Born Dinky Baby doll. This is the one so many have been asking for. This pattern includes instructions on making the doll and how to turn a onesie into a cute little outfit. Please enjoy the newest edition to my Dinky Babies.
Visit my ebay store to order this pattern.

PREORDERS NOW TAKEN FOR MY NEW DVDS “Making Dinky Babies with Vicki” AND "More Dinky Baby Tips & Techniques with Vicki" for details on how to get yours for half price email me at

If you would like to receive DinkyBaby News, email me your name and address.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

DVD's are going fast! Reserve your DVD's now so that you can take advantage of the fantastic price of just $49.95. You will receive two DVD's, a limited edition pattern and a chance to win a 24 inch custom doll, made just for you.

The first DVD will cover the beginning. The tools I use and why, how to choose fabric. We will go over laying out your pattern and how to sew it up. Proper stuffing is important, you will see exactly how I do it. Putting the doll together, sewing in the legs and arms. Drawing on the face and how. Sculpting the face and attaching the head to the body. Making the perfect little fingers and toes. All this and more in the first DVD.

But, you will also receive the Advanced DVD. Learn how to make detailed eyes and freckles. Different hair styles and how to attach the hair. Put in a magnetic pacifier and so much more. Learn my history, why and how I got started. Reserve yours now, just email me for more details.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Each person that preorders and sends payment will receive both DVD’s, and the limited edition pattern. This pattern will only be offered in this one time promotion. It will not be a pattern that will be for sale. Each DVD and pattern will be signed and numbered. The sooner you order and send payment, the lower the number you will receive. You will also be put into a drawing to receive a custom made 24 inch doll from me. You will be able to design your doll anyway that you would like, this is doll is valued over a $125.

Now for the cost. The cost is just $49.95, which will include the shipping. After this limited offer the cost for just one DVD will be $49.95 plus shipping. This is a great value, so take advantage of it before it is over. The value of this package is over $114.90, not including the value of the doll if you should win.

To order your DVD set and limited edition doll pattern and the chance to win the custom made doll, email me I will send you a pay pal invoice and once I receive payment, you will be assigned your number. If you want to pay by money order, just let me know and as soon as I receive your money order, I will assign you your number.

Remember there are only 100 available for this offer; it is first come first serve. The DVDs will be mailed the first week in June. You will be notified by email when the mailing takes place.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

"NEW" from
Little onesies for your real baby or for your Dinky Babies. These come in size 0-6 months, they are white with pink machine embroidery. So cute and made just for Dinky Babies. Two styles available. See my eBay store to buy,

Proud new Dinky Baby mothers, Sherry in the striped top, has NEVER sewn before. Anyone can learn to make a Dinky Baby, it is fun and easy. Aren't their little ones just the cutest you have ever seen? These Dinky Babies came into the world without leaving one stretch mark! No 9 months of waiting, no long delivery, just one great afternoon of fun, fun, fun.
Flagstaffs newest Dinky Baby mothers

"Labor & Delivery" Dinky Baby Doll Class in Flagstaff.

New doll makers busy making Dinky Babies. We had such a great time, and so many adorable Dinky Babies were brought to life. My sister Bobbi and my wonderful niece Angela, both Dinky Baby nurses in training, helped in the delivery process. I have several pictures here, so please take a look.