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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hi Vicki! I think it was harder taking a picture then making dinkys..My Granddaughters are so different in personalities, the older one Nyah is outgoing, really goofy loves the camera, see 2nd pic, and Reese is shy and does not like her picture taken (I had to give her a dollar) but she especially loves baby dolls. She never put her Dinky down the whole day! Anyway I did enjoy making them and hope to make many more, thanks so much for sharing your Dinky Baby Dolls with us!!!

Here is another goofy pic of Nyah..inside the house, at least you can see Reese's cute little face! And my other two Dinkys too. My Granddaughters just love their Dinkys, my Daughter just told me that today they insisted on taking them to the park. Isn't that cute! Now my 16 month old Grandson really wants one too, so he is next. Thanks again, Cathy ; }

This is one of my favorite customers. She was so kind to share these pictures with me. I have her permission to share them with you. She did such a great job. Her Granddaughters are so cute and you can see that they love their Dinky Babies.

I would love to see what you have done and share it with others. Please send me pictures of Dinky Babies you have made.


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