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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Babies Have Arrived"

Just take a look at some of the babies that will soon be on their way to new homes. This is the "Dinky Baby Fall Doll Swap". Participants sent a doll that represented the season and were to also send something that represented where they are from. In a few days the babies will be going to new homes, could one be on it's way to your home?
This is Snoopy as a balloon being held by 4 Charlie Browns. This cute creation is by Margaret Williams. How lucky this new mom will be to get these wonderful dolls.

Look out for the Steelers as this little guy shows his true colors. This wonderful doll complete with logo blanket is by Sue Minkus. The lucky mom to receive this little guy will have her hands full!

Dressed in winter blue and white and caring her very own matching pocket doll, this little one is ready to make someone very happy. This wonderful creation is by Meridith Morton.

Direct from Jamaica is an amazing little girl complete with Love Certificate. She comes with a change of clothes and will soon be making some new mom happy. Created by Lisa Davis.
This little Canadian doll is by Kim Petroff. She looks like she is ready to help celebrate the holidays. She comes with a puzzle and a map to show where she is from. New moms watch out she could be coming to your house to stay.
Across the seas and ready to come to your house this little darling is waiting to make a new friend and find her new home. Could it be yours. This beautiful baby is by Jemma Bailey of Australia.

So pretty in her little outfit and ready to party comes Azona May. A little book and CD of photos will help you learn all about her. She even has a bottle of syrup to give to her new mom. Such a beautiful little girl, whose home will she go to? Azona May was created by Debbie Davis.

This little one is ready to make any new mom happy. She is dressed in blue and is so very happy just knowing she will soon be in a new home. She could be coming to your home very soon. She was created by Crystal Powe.

Direct from Brazil and ready to share her love is this cutie. She may need a little help with English, but could also help you understand her language. She is from the loving hands of Nilda Maia.