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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My Visit with Bird Brain Designs

I had the pleasure of visiting with a fellow designer, Robin Kinsley. She is the designer of Bird Brains many designs. I visited with Robin and her sister Tina, they were great hosts as they showed me where they lived.

I took loads of photos of Tina's house, her chicken coop and the geese that walk around her large yard. It was so pleasant and relaxing, I understand why she lives in this beautiful area. Unfortunately I cannot show you the photos because my camera was destroyed along with the memory card.

Robin's home overlooks Clear Lake and the view is breath taking. Imagine watching the sun come up over a body of water as you drink your coffee. As I went out on her huge deck, I looked down at more delights. I saw foot paths will all sorts of foliage and fun things catching my gaze. Her home is decorated with loads of beautiful antiques and it clearly shows her beautiful personality.

My nose went right to the work area and her studio. I wanted to see how they did things at Bird Brain Designs. So organized and neat, I collected a lot of ideas for my own studio.

I was given a tour around the lake and saw wild turkeys, dear and a few other wild animals. Beautiful country dotted with vineyards, orchards and small towns.



Next time you visit a show where they are, be sure you stop in their booth and take a look at all the fun stitching things they carry. Or better yet visit their website and sign up to get their emails.

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