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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Here are some photos from Mary Ann Gies a distributor in Greeley, CO. She has had a lot of fun from the looks of it. Vicki

I finished my "winkie" baby and he is ready to go traveling to be "viewed." I think he's an extrovert so he won't mind showing off. I dressed him in lime green knitted hat and booties. The booties have a yellow bow and then I cut a onsie in half and satin stitched the neckline, sleeves and the bottom in lime green and added a bow. Just added his little diaper. He's such a lilttle hottie. i think the ladies will love him and hope to get some orders. He will start off Here in Greeley first then he will travel to Denver and then on to Texas. So we will see how is debut goes and will let you know. Mary Ann

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