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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hello Vicki,
I have been excited about your Raggedy Ann and Andy ever since I received your first email about them. I can't order mine until Tuesday but I will be ordering them for sure then. I just wanted to tell you that Johnny Gruelle (the creator of Raggedy Ann) was born in a little town called Arcola, Illinois, in the house that my mom and dad bought. They have a Raggedy Ann and Andy festival every year, and one year we got to meet the son (Worth Gruelle) and his family.
Marcella was his sister and she died from a reaction to one of the childhood immunization shots that all children receive today. It was very exciting getting to meet the family and learn more about Raggedy Ann.
I have always loved Raggedy Ann, now more so because of our family's connection to her. I'm not trying to brag or toot my own horn, I just thought that I would share a little about Raggedy Ann with you that I know about.
Thanks for listening.
Connie Gawel

I just love hearing stories like this. It is a pleasure to share this story. Thank you Connie.

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