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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The First Week of 2008
What a great week! I did not break any New Years resolutions. That could be because I did not make any. I decided this year I was going to approach things differently. I set some goals for myself that I intend to work towards. These goals are personal as well as business. I may share those at a later time.

One whole week under my belt and so far so good. Dinky Baby had a great first week for January adding new customers and two new counties which bring us up to 23 different countries. I am still bothered that we do not have ONE customer in North Dakota. If you know anyone from that great state, tell them to e-mail me. I have a great gift for them with their first order.

I will be releasing the pre-order information on how you can pre-order your kit to make my newest tri of babies, the Mel-O-Dee Button Babies. If you do not receive my e-mail updates please just e-mail me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Vicki -
The button babies are so cute.
I can't wait to make them.
Waiting patiently -
Karen Fraley
Dinky Baby Distributor