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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mel-O-Dee Button Bear

Brainstorming is taking place!

My sister and I were working on my latest release, "Mel-O-Dee Button Baby" and she said something and then it started making me think. As we kept talking about this new idea, it was getting better and better. We got so excited about it that it was hard to stay focused on what we were doing. This is going to be something that everyone will want to make and can make.

It is funny how you start with one thing and it leads to another idea and sometimes something wonderful is born. Because I love this new design, I am even coming up with a contest centered around it. You will be able to win $100 in Dinky Baby products for first place and there will be a second and third place prize as well.

Keep watching for the details coming very, very soon.

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