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Monday, July 14, 2008

The Denver Trip

We started out to Denver for the 2008 Quilt, Craft & Sewing Show put on by Rusty Barn Promotions on July 9, 2008. Along the way we had to make a few stops, my sister snapped this photo as we stopped to smell the flowers. We stoped at a few other places but we we won't talk about those!
I love Hollyhock flowers!
We finally made it to the show just in time to get set up, here are a few of the booth photos.

Check out all those patterns.

Bobbi watching my video, I bet she has seen it about a 1000 times!

I am ready for busiiness.

We had some wonderful visitors to our booth and I snapped a couple pictures, the first picture is of Marsha Altman and her wondful family. It was so nice meeting her and all those girls.

The next day Donna Arellano decided to pay a visit, she brought her beautiful dolls for me to take a look at. They were all so cute. Donna wants to start selling her babies but did not know how to start. I told her to go to our great group of doll makers on the Dinky Baby Yahoo Group.

Shhhhhhh, Donna, don't wake Angie Baby!
I did not get a photo of a wonderful miniature bear designer, Stephanie Sarsfield. You must take a look at her website, Sassy Bears and Fabrics. She carries eveything you need to make the most adorable miniature bears and she even carries Dinky Baby miniature doll patterns.

I want to thank all of those wonderful ladies we met while in Denver, and welcome all those new Dinky Baby customers who will soon be making babies. I could not have done any of this with out my incredible sister Bobbi, she does all the work and welcomed everyone who came into our booth. My sister is the greatest!

Bobbi & me

Squirt came along on this trip and all he could ask is "Are we there yet?"

Squirt standing on the dash. Why aren't you wearing a seat belt Squirt?

As we got into Arizona, it began to rain! It was a nice change, but it caused a few accidents and about a five mile back up. As we crep along we were so near home, but it was taking forever. I dropped my sister off and pulled into my driveway and Squirt saw our house and was so happy!

Finally home!

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