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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Washington State Adventure
As many of you may know I went to Washington State for two shows this month and to visit my youngest son. I must say it held a lot of surprises for me.

On my way to Puyallup Washington I encountered rain. It was not just a little rain, but a down poor. I like rain but not while I am driving down a mountain side in the dark and fog. I found a motel to spend the night and started my journey early the next day.

I finally got to my show destination and set up my booth. The show and people were wonderful in Puyallup. I really enjoyed the new friends I made.

After three days in Puyallup I began my journey to Burlington where my son’s girlfriend and daughter lives. It was a very special visit and with them all. We went out to dinner every night and watched a million movies or close to it. I was such a relaxing time.

Chris and Angela

Becca, Angela's daughter

But all good things must end and off to Vancouver (Washington). It only took about four hours to get to Vancouver. I was one of the first to set up my booth. I again met some very wonderful people and enjoyed the show. I met Angela Fletcher and her lovely children. We had a nice visit and she brought her doll for certification. She passed with flying colors. Great job Angela!

Angela Fletcher and me

The show ended on Saturday at 5P.M. and I was anxious to get home to my husband after being gone over two weeks. I missed my kitties and my puppies and my home. I had my booth packed in about two hours and started the long drive. This is about a 23 hour drive, so I thought I could cut off some of that time if I started now. I drove about 6 hours and it was late and I was tired. I did not find a place to sleep so I pulled off to a rest stop and thought if I could sleep just a few hours I could start out early and find a motel if I needed to.

It was dark when I began driving again at 5 A.M. The sun was not due up until after 6A.M., but I got my second wind and knew I could drive all day. Only stopping for gas, food and bathroom breaks I could make good time. I entered northern California as the sun was rising. How beautiful! A layer of fog rested on a body of water as I rounded the mountain side. The sun was as large as I ever saw it just peeking over the fogs edge. My truck hugged the edge of the mountain road as I gazed at God’s beauty.

My day was spent driving and stopping for gas and taking bathroom breaks. My last stop in a small Nevada town was not so uneventful. I filled my truck with gas and drove off. I felt the dreaded bumping that only a flat tire can make.. I was only about 100 yards from the gas station so I walked back. They phoned a 24 hour service station and I got my tire changed.

The good news it did not happen along the deserted highways and I did not have an accident because of it, so I was happy to pay the $75 to get my tire changed.

Renewed vigor, I knew I could make it home. I had been driving since 5 that morning on just a few hours sleep, it was now 9 P.M. My GPS said my arrival time should be 2A.M.; I can make it I told myself. It was just a few more hours of driving.
As I drove the dark highways, I began to see little bunnies hopping towards my windshield. When my husband called, I told him this, he suggested I stop. I only had about two more hours until I would be home. I was so close but I was so tired. I soon found a spot to pull over so I could sleep for a couple of hours. I made it home at 4A.M. safe and sound. A shower never felt so good. I don’t think I will drive like that again. It was an adventure and will not soon be forgotten.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Vicki,

I was very honored to meet you at the vancover show. I had ordered your 18 inch baby before, but seeing your booth and meeting you in person really sparked something inside me. My sister and I had made several purchases that day including the 14 inch baby kit. My 1 year old grandaughter got her for christmas this year. I have made soft sculptered dolls but there is sometning about these dolls that is very special.

Cyndy Mestrich