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Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Stories
December is a time for giving, both of yourself and with gifts. So many of you have given unselfishly this season, here are two totally different stores.

Please take a look at a very unselfish act by Dinky Baby Distributor Nora Stockman and her daughter Haven Brown. They truly know the gift of giving. I know this project will be even more successful next year and every year after. Thanks to you both and to all those who participated in this effort, please read the story in the Index Journal. If anyone is interested in helping with Project HUGS for 2009, contact
Making a Christmas Wish come true!
Another story is from my bank. My business was highlighted in the month of December at my bank. One of the employees called and said that the manager told her of a story of when she was a child.
The manager had asked Santa for a Raggedy Ann doll for Christmas and never received one. When she saw the one on my website that is when the manger told the ladies who work for her the story.

Even a grown up can have a Christmas wish come true. Needless to say, she was quite happy when she was presented a Dinky Baby Raggedy Annie doll made by Angie Paturzo (Dinky Baby Distributor).

Looks like Santa finally delivered!

Two different stores, but both show in a small way the gift of giving touches many people.

I told Angie how her doll touched this grown woman and this is what she had to say.

Awwwww.....that makes me so happy! Vicki, I have made lots and lots of things over the years, but nothing else has brought so much joy as these dolls. Thanks for being so talented and making your patterns accessible. I have a sense of accomplishment after I have made a doll. I have never had that feeling with other things I have made. You have really made a lot of Christmases across this country and the world brighter for lots of kids.

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