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Friday, February 20, 2009

Squirt's Mexican Adventure

Squirt is packed and ready to go to Mazatlan

Squirt loves to fly, he always keeps his seat belt fastened.

Squirt wasted no time getting a sombero.

He loves to dance around it.

Squirt is enjoying the culture and the sunshine.

Looking for adventure!

Meanwhile at home, I get a ransom note!

I flew to Mazatlan and began my search.

I asked two tourists if they had seen Squirt?

They told me that they thought he might be in a tower guarded by some iguanas.

Tower with iguanas guarding it, look closely in the vines.
Squirt was not there.

The ocean is so large, could he be out there?

I searched everywhere, who do I ask?
Who wants the ransom money?

The ramson is paid to Manual and Squirt is released!
I would have paid anything to get Squirt home.

Squirt is flying home looking out the window of the plane.
I bet he never leaves home without me again.

Safe at home, I just love that little boy!

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