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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stuffing Ams & Legs
Here is a question about stuffing arms and legs from Ann, thank you for the question Ann.
I'm not sure if I'm over stuffing my legs and arms, do you stuff the whole leg and arm till firm? my dolls are starting to look like the Pillsbury dough boy or as my mother says that Michelin tire guy Thanks Ann

Stuffing is a very important part of doll making. I use two different types of stuffing for making my dolls. Crafter's Choice® Polyester Fiberfill for the body and Nature-fil™ Bamboo Fiberfill for the head, these are both manufactured by Fairfield Products©. When your doll is stuffed properly it will keep its shape for years to come and wash after wash. (If you do not have access to the Fairfield products, use something similar.)

Since Ann asked about the stuffing of the arms and legs we will focus on those two areas. This information is for the 14 inch size Dinky Babies, for smaller or larger dolls this will differ.

Using a stuffing tool (pencil or chopstick) stuff the hand and thumb area fully with polyester fiberfill. There is no need to make this too hard or packed too firmly, just stuff it fully.

Stuff the hand fully
Continue to stuff the arm up to about two inches from the end. This allows plenty of room to be able to insert the arm into the body.

Leave about 2 inches unstuffed
Arms ready to be inserted into the body

Legs are stuffed just like the arms. Fill the foot area fully with polyester fiberfill using a stuffing tool if necessary. Continue to add stuffing to the leg area up to about two inches from the end of the leg. This allows plenty of room to be able to insert the arm into the body.

I hope this helps in your doll making. A doll’s arms, legs and bodies should be huggable. Over stuffing will make it difficult to do proper sculpting and distort the look of your finished dolls.

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crystal_crtr2 said...

Thanks for the info. My first Dinky Baby looked deformed. I guess I over stuffed her.