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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Houston Quilt Market - Oct. 27, 2012
This is a peek at set up before the market opens. Lots of work. Since I will be here for festival as well, I only have to do this once.
This is my booth being set up

 Still working on it
 Monkeys hung in the corners
 Kits hung
 Kits hug along the side
 Booth finished in about 7 hours
 Set at the convention center
 Set up
Big vendors
 Moda booth, very nice
 Even Hello Kitty is here
 These ladies got wrapped up in their fabric stash
 View of set up from upstairs
  View of set up from upstairs
  View of set up from upstairs
 Upstairs on my way to Starbucks
 Ahhhh, Starbucks
 My feet hurt
Home sweet home for 10 days


Unknown said...

Wow a lot of work but looks like a great show.

Karen said...

I love how those babies hanging above the entrance to your booth look like cotton candy bags. So inviting. Looks great.

Lisa Wright said...

Looks like fun but so much work!

Anonymous said...

A lot of work but your booth looks great! You deserve to relax with your feet up enjoying your coffee. Have fun.

Carla Bynum said...

It does look like a lot of work!!! Oh your are going to be there for 10 days!!! The booth set up looks great!!! Hope you can get some rest in!!!

cthreads said...

Your booth looks great, as usual. Tons of work goes in to each show. Don't know where you get all your energy! That Houston show looks awesome. It's huge! Love the Starbucks shot! That would be my favorite place!

Denise in Oz said...

I would love to be able to see this in 'real life'. The booth looks amazing!

Meleahsmom said...

It looks great! Now, try to relax for a while and have some fun.

Arlette Holstin said...

Thanks for giving us a glimpse into just what all is involved in the setup of your booth. Whole new respect for all the work that goes into it. Looks great :)

Proverbs 16:33 said...

Wow! You need roadies to help you set up!

Tracy Keans said...

Thank you for sharing with us, I could only dream of a show this big in Australia... I can keep dreaming.. Looking forward to more or your experience. xx

Sweetpea said...

I dont think I would be able to resist these little Dinkys. Lots of work but well worth it.
Good Luck :)

Lorraine Reid said...

Your booth looks great and so inviting, wish I lived near enough to visit. I'm sure all your hard work will pay off, Good Luck.

Meleahsmom said...

Well, it looks like you did have a little fun at the dinner. Isn't it nice to have a great traveling companion? Thanks for sharing the fun with us.

stpat53 said...

I wish I could come to one of these! I would love to see everything and to meet you! I love to use your patterns!

stpat53 said...

Wish I could be there to see all the venders, especially yours. I love all your wonderful patterns and would also love to meet you!

Meleahsmom said...

That quilt is adorable! Some little girl is going to be so happy with that.
I figured out that sitting here at the computer is much safer than being there, especially when you show pictures of all the notions and ribbons, and of my goodness, the fabulous fabrics!! Thanks again for sharing!

Polly Gallanger said...

I LOVE Dinky Baby! It all looks like such fun (as well as work) Would love to be there! Love you and your work Vicki. Polly G