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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Festival Fun
My sister likes The Silver Needle, these are some pictures from their booth, lots of great items to see and sew. This is for you Bobbi!
Sooo pretty!

More pretties!

These are adorable

Love these also

More to stitch


Anonymous said...

So many pretty things to see. I would have eye strain something Cant wait to see more pictures. Have fun.

Amy said...

I would be in so much trouble at a festival like this -- I have excellent impulse control, but it would be tested to the limit!

Anonymous said...

love it all vicky. Always love your post

chrissy lowry

Anonymous said...

love your shop

Meleahsmom said...

So many pretty things. My brain would be spinning try to process it all. Thanks, again, for sharing.

sonja O'Brien said...

So much talent out there!
Plus your giving us new crafters to follow and admire!

TerriM said...

Okay, I'd like to have 1 of each item posted, LOL.